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  Save Planet: Know Climate Change

Author(s): Tanya Luther Agarwal
Editor(s): Madhu Singh Sirohi and Pallavi Sah
Illustrator(s): Rajesh Das
Art Direction and Concept(s): Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury

Year: 2008
Size: 210 mm x 280 mm
Pages: 46
Binding: Hardback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788179931462

Cover price: Rs. 185.00 / US $15.00
Special price: Rs. 167.00 / US $14.00

The red alert has been sounded! Our planet?s climate is changing, and for the worse. All living things on earth are in danger. Know Climate Change tells you everything you wanted to know about global warming. It reveals the impact of the increase in greenhouse gases, pollution, and disappearing forests on everyone around the world. Find out why it is important to know about climate change and how we can prevent it.

Saving the earth is the smartest thing we can do!

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Save Planet Series (Set of 6 Books)
Save Planet: 101 Q & A on Climate Change
Save Planet: Know Climate Change
Save Planet: Reduce Reuse Recycle
Save Planet: Mission Conservation
Save Planet: SOS - In Extreme Danger
Save Planet: Future Power—Green Gadget Guide
Special package deal:Rs.950.00 / US $67.00
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