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   Soil and Groundwater Pollution from Agricultural Activities

Author(s): T V Ramachandra
Year: 2009
Size: 18.4 x 24 cm;352pp;(Hardbound)
Language: English
ISBN: 9788179931851
Cover price:Rs.525.00 / US $32.00
Special price: Rs. 473.00 / US $29.00

This book introduces the major agricultural activities in India and their impact on soil and groundwater. It lists the basic aspects of agricultural activities and introduces soil properties, classification and processes, groundwater characteristics, movement and recharge aspects. It further discusses soil and groundwater pollution from various sources, impacts of irrigation, drainage, fertiliser and pesticide. Finally, the book dwells upon conservation and management of groundwater and soil.
Key Features

Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus
Content presented in a structured manner for better comprehension and retention
Learning activities included in all chapters with answers at the end to aid in revision.
Simple and lucid language
Self-explanatory diagrams and figures

Target Audience

Post graduate students of engineering and environmental science, technical institutes, and government departments.

Table of contents

Agricultural Activities and Environmental Impacts
Soil - Processes and Properties
Groundwater Hydrology
Soil and Groundwater Pollution
Irrigation and Drainage: Impacts and Remedial Measures
Environmental Impacts of Fertilisers
Pesticides and Environmental Impacts
Monitoring of Soil and Groundwater Pollution
Soil and Groundwater Treatment
Conservation and Management of Soil and Groundwater

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Soil and Groundwater Pollution from Agricultural Activities
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