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South South Cooperation
Soldiers of the Earth
In the Shadow of the Leaves
Rohan and his mother are holidaying in the Kumaon Hills. Rohan should be practicing Maths, he has failed in his exam, but he is spending time reading Jim Corbett’s Man-eaters of Kumaon and wandering in the hills with fearless Manjul, who herds cows. Rohan admires the way she jumps streams like a little cat and her knowledge of the woods. Peace and tranquility, in the hills, is lost when they hear that a tiger has been killing cattle in the nearby villages.
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The Story of Paper (Save paper, save trees. Think smart, reuse it!)
What’s common between a cardboard box and the tissues inside it? They are both made of paper! But have you ever wondered where paper comes from? The Story of Paper takes you on a paper trail, from mulberry bark and bamboo fibres to the textbook on your desk! However, producing more and more paper is harming our planet and causing pollution, because making paper involves cutting too many trees and using a lot of water and electricity. So we need to think sharp and be paper smart!
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Forthcoming Titles
Textbook of animal biotechnology
The book covers various topics, including economically important livestock breeds, paradigm shifts in livestock production, biotechnology in animal nutrition and in livestock-assisted reproduction, and genomics and genetic engineering tools in livestock production and management.
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Environmental Pollution, and Health
Environmental Pollution, and Health expounds the three main types of environmental pollution—air, water, and land—and their effects on human health. It also focuses on photochemical air pollution, marine pollution, thermal pollution, noise pollution, and radioactive pollution and their effects on human health.
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