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South South Cooperation
Soldiers of the Earth
Innovation for Sustainable Development
Innovation has become the new buzzword across the globe. International organisations, governments, corporates, academia and society see it as the answer to the major economic, social and environmental transformations challenging the models of the 20th century.
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Carbon Footprint: reducing it for a better tomorrow
Most of us lead careless lifestyles that keep adding to environmental pollution. Carbon Footprint: reducing it for a better tomorrow takes an in-depth and critical look at our day-to-day activities: food habits, lifestyle, or mode of transport. It offers solutions and measures to reduce our carbon footprint to make our homes energy-efficient, recycle waste, reduce greenhouse gases, or gain from the benefi ts of using renewable energy. Follow 101 easy ways to refashion our lifestyles and emerge as “green” citizens.
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Forthcoming Titles
Textbook of animal biotechnology
The book covers various topics, including economically important livestock breeds, paradigm shifts in livestock production, biotechnology in animal nutrition and in livestock-assisted reproduction, and genomics and genetic engineering tools in livestock production and management.
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Environmental Pollution, and Health
Environmental Pollution, and Health expounds the three main types of environmental pollution—air, water, and land—and their effects on human health. It also focuses on photochemical air pollution, marine pollution, thermal pollution, noise pollution, and radioactive pollution and their effects on human health.
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